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Add Versatility to Your Protection with Removable Locking Bollards

Posted by Garrett Fishaw on

Protecting businesses, public spaces, and event/gathering areas is important but not always practical. Having permanent protective posts and guardrail around those areas just can't be done as the needs are normally temporary and access (from time to time) is necessary. 

That is why suggest adding Removable Locking Bollards will give you both deter vehicles while also allowing for temporary access for service and emergency vehicles. 

Our Removable Locking Bollard is made from a 4" or 6" Schedule 40 U.S. steel pipe with a steel floor sleeve and comes with an HDPE Bollard Cover, which is available in multiple colors and styles. The bollard system is designed with a self-closing lid to ensure pedestrian safety after removal, as well as a stationary locking stand for once the bollard has been removed. 

Removable Bollards can be used along with fixed bollards to create an adjustable security barrier for any temporary access area or authorized vehicle entrance, including: 

  • Event Spaces 
  • Parking Lots  
  • Schools and Campuses 
  • Emergency Vehicle Entrances 
  • Alleyways and Gathering Areas
  • Business Storefronts and Back Entrances 

Need some Removable Bollards now? We have products in stock and ready to ship. So, give us a call or shoot us a message today to learn more about our Removable Locking Bollards as well as our other Bollard options and full line of Facility Maintenance & Protection Products