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  • Bollard Chain Connector Kit
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  • Bollard Chain Connector Kits and chain between bollards to block off entrance ramp
  • Bollard Chain Connector Kit

Bollard Connector Kit


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Product Description

The Bollard Connector Kit comes with two bollard connectors, which are made of a HDPE and rubber blend, as well as 25 feet of 2” Plastic Chain made of yellow HDPE Plastic with UV Protection.

Product Details

  • Two Bollard Connectors made of a HDPE and rubber blend
  • 25’ of 2” Chain made of HDPE Plastic with UV protectant

Standard Colors

  • Chain: Yellow 
  • Connectors: Black only

Connector Sizes

  • Small: wraps around bollard, fits up to 11” circumference
  • Large: wraps around bollard, fits up to 17” circumference


  • Bollard Connectors wrap around bollards by fastening end buttons through hole at desired length
  • Plastic Chain is fastened onto end hooks

For more information on our Bollard Chain Systems, check out our Bollard Accessories Page

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