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Add Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to Your Parking Lots

Posted by Garrett Fishaw on

The electric vehicle boom is coming. Question is, are you and your business ready for it? Electric Vehicle sales continue to grow each and every year, meaning your customer's and employee's needs are changing as well. That is why it's best to meet those needs by adding reliable Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to your parking lots. 

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Our Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are made out of galvanized steel to provide strength and protection, even in the harsher months. The fabricated pipe bollard features an NEMA 4x enclosure with a Bosch 240V hybrid electrical vehicle charger, allowing for indoor or outdoor installation. The station is designed to charge in any weather types, including rain, sleet, heat, hail or snow. 

Each EV Charging Station also comes with a maintenance-free Decorative Bollard Cover of your choice (as long as it fits the interior system). We also offer those covers in any color possible and with any company decal upon request.

Looking to set your business a part from the competition? Want to give your employees an extra "boost" during the day? Adding EV Charging Stations will make your business the place to be today and tomorrow. 

Contact us today at 1-800-914-4771 or for more information on our EV Charging Stations and other parking lot products. .