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Hidden Base Plate Bollards Limit Trip Hazards, Increase Floor Space

Posted by Garrett Fishaw on

Have you been looking to increase floor space within your facility? It's something all facility managers are looking to do but finding that space can be difficult. Every inch counts on a manufacturing floor, that is why we suggest increasing your space by adding Hidden Base Plate Bollards

These surface-mounted bolt down bollards are made from U.S. steel pipe and fabricated in Detroit, Michigan, keeping the product 100% American made. The Hidden Base Plate Bollards also do no require any core drilling for installation, making them very easy to add to any location in a timely manner. 

Available in 4" and 6" diameters, and in just about any length necessary, the Hidden Base Plate Bollards can be galvanized or powder coated, and each one comes with a Bollard Cover in your choice of our available colors. 

Improve protection while clearing some floor space and limiting trip hazards for your employees. That's what the Hidden Base Plate Bollards can do for your facility. 

For more information on our Bollards or any of our Bollard Cover options, contact our experienced and knowledgeable sales team today. 

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