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Low-Cost Ways to Improve Your Storefront

Posted by Garrett Fishaw on

ave you been looking for cost-effective ways to improve the look and feel of your business? Whether it's your storefront, drive-thru, curbside pickup, or parking lot, Bollards & Sleeves has the products that'll help take your business from an eye-sore to an eye-catcher. 


Our offerings can help you save plenty on bollards for every area around your property. We have standard schedule 40 and 80 stick bollards and Base Plated Bollards for simple protection around the building and parking lot, as well as Removable Locking Bollards and Collapsible Locking Bollards for temporary access area protection. 

If you're looking to install storefront safety bollards at an affordable price, ask about our ASTM C40 Storefront Protection Bollards which are engineered and designed to stop a 5,000 lbs. vehicle at 30 mph impact with less than 24″ of vehicle penetration.

Removable Locking Bollards are perfect for temporary access areas

Bollard Covers

Whether you install new bollards or have old rusted or painted bollards around your property, our long line of Bollard Covers will not only enhance the look of the bollards but also save you money on painting and maintenance going forward. They're also available in any color (ask for more information). 

Choose from any of our 16 different Bollard Cover options which include Heavy Duty and Standard Dome Top Covers as well as Flat Top CoversLighted CoversDecorative CoversSquare Covers, and Fabric Covers

Forest Green 1/4" Bollard Covers at Dick Sporting Goods

Sign Systems

Curbside pickup and delivery pickup services are all the craze. Designate those parking spots out front with bold signage by adding one of our Sign Systems to your storefront. 

We offer the industry's leading curbside pickup sign option in our Portable Pyramid Sign Base as well as our Octagon Sign BaseSignicade Sandwich Board, and our more permanent Standard and Heavy Duty Sign Bollards.  

Blue Pyramid Sign Bases for Veteran Parking at Lowe's

Traffic Delineators

If traffic control is necessary around your property, we have just the items for you. Check out our Removable Channelizer Posts and Removable Delineator Paddles to help control the traffic patterns for both vehicles and crowds. 

Delineator Channelizers and Paddle for traffic control

Instead of spending thousands and thousands of dollars on landscaping, lighting, and cast iron bollards, our products will help your business operate more smoothly while also enhancing the look of your storefront on a budget. 

For more information on our storefront enhancement solutions, give us a call at 1-800-914-4771 or contact us online today! 

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