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Portable Sign Bases are Perfect for Curbside Pickup Services

Posted by Garrett Fishaw on

With the announcements of states all over the country closing down dine-in options at restaurants and bars, everyone is adding or enhancing curbside pickup services to keep their businesses moving and their customers happy. 

Whether you're introducing a new curbside pickup program or just looking to enhance your current services, our Portable Plastic Sign Bases are the ideal option. 

Made in America from LDPE plastic and featuring a lightweight design to improve shipping costs, our Pyramid Sign Bases are the cost-effective solution to heavy, ugly concrete sign bases. Not to mention, our Sign Bases are available in a wide range of color options to meet your exact branding needs, which can really make your new curbside service standout. 

Add wheels to your new bases to allow for employees to simply roll them out to their designated parking spots or locations, just make sure they're properly filled with water, base gel & water, sand, or concrete to ensure the stability. 

Curbside pickup services have become a must-have for restaurants and bars with government shutdowns of dine-in options. Make sure yours standout above all the rest with our Plastic Sign Bases. 

Contact our experienced sales team today at 1-800-914-4771 or email us at to learn more about our sign systems.