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  • Yellow Plastic Pyramid Sign Bases used as a Stop Sign
  • Blue Plastic Pyramid Sign Bases used for Veterans Only parking
  • Red Pyramid Sign Base used for curbside pickup services
  • Yellow Plastic Sign Base used as a Stop sign at UHaul
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  • Yellow Pyramid Sign Bases used for a designating parking spots at a truck stop
  • Red Pyramid Sign Base used as a Don't Text & Drive warning
  • Blue Plastic Sign Bases with Stadium Entry Signage at Yankees Stadium
  • Yellow Plastic Portable Sign Base with Wheels
  • Side angle of the Yellow Plastic Portable Sign Base with Wheels

Pyramid Sign Base


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Product Description

Our Pyramid Sign Base is the market’s best plastic and portable sign base option. It is a durable, maintenance-free sign base system to help aesthetically improve the look and feel of any facility, parking lot, curbside pickup service area or any other public area.

The Pyramid Sign Base is a lightweight, plastic alternative to the outdated concrete sign base. This design difference will be seen in more ways than just the look of the base.

Product Features 

  • Each side is made of 22” H x 22” W x 22” D durable polyethylene plastic
  • Sign posts consists of 98” H x 1.9” W steel pipe sleeved with high-density thermoplastic
  • As strong as heavy concrete bases
  • Lightweight design reduces shipping costs
  • Easy to offload, assemble and install
  • Available with or without wheels
  • Newly designed screw inserts included to stop leaking
  • Fill base with concrete, sand, water or our base gel
  • Available in three standard colors; all colors available upon request 
  • Standard and custom signs are available 

The portable sign post base weighs less than 30lbs before being filled which means that you will be able to save on freight costs as well as labor costs as the available wheel option will make the signage much easier to move for everyday employees.

Common Uses

  • Curbside pickup, drive thru windows and/or carryout restaurants
  • School crosswalks, River Walks and other public walkways
  • Police, fire and other emergency personnel situations
  • Handicap accessible or specialized parking
  • Construction sites
  • Temporary parking zones 

Made from LDPE plastic, the lightweight sign base is just as, if not more, durable than concrete sign bases. Those older bases tend to crack, crumble, chip and the posts will rust over time. While our sign bases can withstand high speed winds, bad weather and every day wear and tear while remaining aesthetically appealing and stable. 

If you’re looking to improve the look of your facility, parking lot, curbside pickup or anything else, contact us today at Bollards and Sleeves at 1-800-914-4771 for more information on our portable sign bases as well as our more permanent Octagon Sign Base.  

Product Videos

Ideal Shield's Pyramid Sign Base Installation 01:58

Allow our Ferris Bueller look-a-like to show you how to quickly install and use our extremely popular plastic portable Pyramid Sign Base with wheels. Perfect for curbside pickup services, temporary signage, construction sites, and designated parking spots.

  • Ideal Shield's...
    Allow our Ferris Bueller look-a-like to show you how to quickl...

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