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  • Blue Octagon Sign Bases used for Handicap Accessible Parking
  • Yellow Octagon Sign Base with Handicap Accessible Parking Signage
  • Red Octagon Sign Base used for curbside pickup services
  • Blue Octagon Sign Bases used for Handicapped Accessible Parking
  • Red Octagon Sign Bases used for No Parking Zones
  • Blue Octagon Sign Base used for Handicap Accessible Parking Spot

Octagon Sign Base


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Product Description

The Bollard and Sleeves Octagon Sign Bases are the long-lasting, maintenance-free signage system solutions that are the smart alternative to heavy, outdated concrete sign bases.

On average, concrete sign post bases can weigh over 300 lbs but that doesn’t mean its anymore durable than our HDPE plastic sign bases. Over time, these concrete sign bases will crack, crumble, chip and the posts will rust.

Product Features

  • Each side is made of 8” W x 22” H durable polyethylene plastic
  • Sign posts consist of 98” H x 1.9” W steel pipe sleeved with high density thermoplastic
  • Strong as heavy concrete sign bases
  • Lightweight design reduces shipping costs
  • Easy to offload and install
  • Permanent installation available
  • Fill base with concrete, sand, water or our base gel
  • Leak-free fittings standard
  • Bolt-in application option available
  • Available in all colors
  • Standard and custom signs are available 

As for our sign post bases, it weighs less than 30 lbs (before filling) and is durable enough to withstand high wind speeds, bad weather and every day wear and tear without showing signs of fatigue. To make things even better, the lightweight design will save you more than just money on labor and maintenance fees as the freight costs will be much lower than when dealing with concrete bases.

Common Uses:

  • Parking lots and parking structures
  • Handicap accessible or other designated parking spots
  • Sidewalk, River Walk and other public walkway signage
  • Curbside pickup, drive thru windows or carryout restaurants 

If you’re looking for the best, most reliable, maintenance-free sign base on the market, contact Bollards and Sleeves at 1-800-914-4771. We’ll be happy to break down exactly what our Octagon Sign Base can do for you and your sign base needs. 

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