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Check out the newest products to Bollards & Sleeves!

Bounce Back Bollards



The Bounce Back Bollard is the premier rebound bollard for industrial settings. 

Designed to flex at a max 18 degrees upon impact, the Bounce Back Bollard will then immediately return to form. This design was created to limit the damage to the forklift, the forklift driver, the bollard itself, as well as the flooring.


Standard Signposts



The Standard Signposts are round steel signposts sleeved in your color choice of plastic designed for any parking lot signage need. 

Made from 1.66 OD 14 gauge steel sleeved in HDPE plastic, the Standard Signposts are maintenance-free signage solutions that can include multiple installation options and be cut to custom heights to meet your signage requirements. 



Tri-Sign Topper


The Tri-Sign Topper is a large three-sided plastic sign that is designed to be added to Bollard Sign Systems. 

Available in four different color options, the Tri-Sign Topper is perfect for directional or promotional signage at parking lots, event spaces, curbside pickup locations, school campuses, or any other signage need. 


Bollard Caddy


The Bollard Caddy is a reusable bollard installation tool that is designed to make bollard installation easier and cheaper. 

Stop wasting time building out wood braces and frames for bollard installation and go with the Bollard Caddy instead! The Bollard Caddy is available in two different sizes including 4" and 6" options to meet the most common pipe size needs. The Bollard Caddy is also designed to fit over a max core hole of 12". 

The Bollard Caddy features adjustable knobs and mounts that will hold the bollard pipe level and in place while concrete pouring happens. This will keep the pipe plumb (90°) to ensure a perfect bollard install. 



For more information or to purchase these products visit our online store here or select the link beneath the pictures above.