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Flexible Product Line

 flexpost bollard flexpost sign system flexpost stick

Flexpost Bollard - Flexpost Sign System - Flex Post Stick

The new flexible line of products from Bollards & Sleeves offer an alternative to our standard bollards. Our flexible product line provides a quick and easy solution to eliminate damage to parking lot signage and vehicles. We have the solution to fit your needs, whether its the Flexpost Bollard, the Flexpost Sign System or the Flex Post Stick, Bollards & Sleeves has you covered. 

Reflective Flat Top Bollard Covers


Reflective Flat Top Bollard Covers

For the first time, Bollards & Sleeves now carries a 1/8" Flat Top Reflective Bollard Cover! This brand new design has two grooves toward the top of the bollard cover that allow for reflective tape to lay flush against the sleeve.

For more information or to purchase these products visit our online store here or select the link beneath the pictures above.