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Portable Sign Bases will Improve Directions, Deliveries and Pickups

Posted by Garrett Fishaw on

Have you been looking to improve the curbside pickup at your restaurant? Looking to improve the signage around your parking lots or campus? Need to help the truck drivers find the correct dock door? Whatever the signage issue, we have just what you need: Portable Sign Bases

These maintenance-free sign systems can be used for any of your signage needs. Made from LDPE plastic, our Sign Bases are designed with you in mind. The bases can come with or without wheels, though the wheeled option will make you and your employee's lives much easier. The ability to move the base from inside to outside and throughout the parking lot or campus will give you much needed versatility. 

Need to brand the bases for your business? No problem at all! 

We offer our bases in any color under the sun and also offer custom decals to add logos, slogans, or instructions to your bases. This will help keep your brand recognition strong around your business or property, while also being a helpful tool to any visitors or delivery drivers. 

No matter the need, the Sign Bases can handle the job. For more information on the Portable Sign Bases, color and decal options, or any of our other facility maintenance and protection products, please give us a call or contact us today!