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Limit Damage, Control Traffic with Flexible Bollards

Posted by Garrett Fishaw on

Have you been looking for a way to control traffic around your property, parking lot, or inside your facility? Bollards are the most cost effective and overall effective pieces of protection that can be used to protect critical assets and pedestrian friendly areas from minor impacts from cars, trucks, carts, and forklifts. 

But what if you want to limit the damage from these minor impacts while maintaining a high level of protection? 

Manufacturing facilities, college campuses, and commercial properties deal with a lot of moving parts. From forklifts buzzing around the shop floor to cars pulling in and out of parking lots, the chances for minor accidents is pretty high. Whether it's when a student or employee is pulling into a parking spot or a hi-lo driver is unloading a new truck shipment, bumps are likely to happen with protective posts. The last thing a facility manager or vehicle owner wants to see if extensive damage for a simple mistake. 

That is where our Flexible Bollards come into play. 

Our FlexPost Flexible Bollards feature a cast steel, galvanized coated base with 5/16" diameter spring that is designed to flex upon impact and then immediately return back to its upright position. The base allows for 360 degrees of movement, which will limit damage to vehicle contact from any direction. The "give" will also give the driver a warning sign when exceeding a parking/loading space or veering out of their designated lane. 

For branding or safety needs, the 6" diameter bollard cover is available in both standard and custom colors. 

The FlexPost Flexible Bollard is also more than just a standalone bollard system. It's also available in multiple applications, including Flexible Bollard Sign Systems for handicap or designated parking areas and a FlexPost Sign Stick that is designed for parking and other signage necessary areas that are vulnerable to minor vehicle impacts. 

Interested in learning more about how our Flexible Bollards can save you money and improve your properties and facilities? Contact our sales team today at 1-800-914-4771