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Lighted Bollard Covers will Set Your Property Apart

Posted by Garrett Fishaw on

Looking to add a little light to your parking lot, campus, or storefront? A touch of illumination is not only helpful for pedestrians at night but it also gives your business or property a much more approachable, attractive look and feel. 

Basic parking lot lights or flood lights are good for security reasons but if you're looking for some accent lighting, look no further than our Lighted Bollard Covers. 

Designed with you in mind, our Lighted Bollard Covers are the cost-effective option for outdoor bollard lighting as the covers can be installed in a timely fashion and can be added to any new or old bollard that fits properly. Our Lighted Bollard are also available in two different options: Ultra Violet and Hardwired. 

UV Lighted Bollard Covers

Looking to avoid electrician-level installation? The UV Lighted Covers are a perfect fit for you. These covers will charge throughout the day, with or without sunlight, are maintenance free, and are available in any color to meet branding needs. It's the perfect, simple touch to brighten up your storefront. 

UV Lighted Bollard Covers

Hardwired Lighted Bollard Covers

If you're looking for light throughout the day and night, the Hardwired Lighted Bollard Covers may be the better fit for you. Though installation time and costs will go up with an electrician needed to complete the install, these lighted covers come with LED lighting for better visibility and energy costs. The covers are also available in any color to meet your branding wants and needs. 

Hardwired Lighted Bollard Covers

Proper lighting can be on the best eye grabbers for businesses. So, if you're looking to catch some attention or just make it easier and safer to navigate path ways, walkways, and storefronts, contact us today to learn more about our wide array of Bollard Cover options.