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Find Discount Bollard Pricing with our Overstock Bollard Cover Selection

Posted by Garrett Fishaw on

Shopping online has become the ideal way of shopping thanks to the convenience and even more so, the ability to compare pricing and products to find the perfect part for your project. But finding the best pricing can be tough at times, especially when you're looking for great deals on facility maintenance and protection products. 

That is why we made it easier for you with our new Overstock Bollard Covers page

Full of our discounted Bollard Cover specials, the new Overstock Bollard Covers page will be the perfect spot to land for the best deals on bumper post sleeves on the internet. At the moment, it features five different Flat Top Bollard Covers with Reflective Tape options that can be purchased individually at $28 or in a bundle five-pack for the low, low price of $130. 

Five Pack of Flat Top Bollard Covers

Get the Flat Top Bollard Covers in RedBlack285 Blue, or Onyx Gray to fit your facility, storefront, parking lot, or drive-thru lane needs. 

If you're a frequent Bollard Cover buyer, make sure to keep an eye on our Overstock Bollard Covers page throughout the year. We'll be adding new deals and steals for you to enjoy! 

For more information on our wide selection of Bollard Covers and other facility maintenance and protection products, feel free to contact us today. 

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